Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Listen on the Radio! Wed. June 1, 2011 KYRS 92.3

Listen up! Spokane Thin Air Community Radio 3:00-4:00pm Wednesday! tomorrow June 1, 2011! Listen up to learn more about Voyages of Rediscovery and what we do on the Columbia River!

92.3 FM or 89.9 FM or listen live online @


Paul Haeder will be hosting us on his show "Voices from the Edge."  Listen on the radio or internet.

Check out Paul's articles on the Down to Earth Northwest website @ http://www.downtoearthnw.com/paul-haeder/

Sunday, May 15, 2011

300+ people in our canoes in 1 week!

The past week has been a great week on the Columbia River!  We have taken over 300 people out in our canoes from Kettle Falls near the Canadian boarder to Longview, WA only 40 river miles from the pacific ocean.  It has just been a real honor and privilage to be able to provide on the river experiences in our canoes for people across Washington state!

-"A Day on the River" @ Kettle Falls, WA - 60+ community members 5/7/11
-St. Rose School @ Lake Sacajawea - 180 students and parents 5/9+10/11
-"A Day on the River" @ Willow Grove, Longview, WA - 70+ community members (mostly kids and families!) 5/14/11
-Foreign Exchange Students @ Kettle Falls, WA - 13 students 5/15/11

Thank you for everyone who came out paddling!  
We can't wait to do it again!
Contact us now to schedule "A Day on the River" with your town, school, group, club anything, anywhere, anyone!

An Awesome Day on the River in Longview!

Check out this great article about our trip today in Longview, WA! It was great had over 70 people come by to check out our canoes and had over 50 people in our canoes today! Thank you everyone for coming out and paddling with us today on the Columbia River!

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!
Photo credit Tyler Tjomsland
Annie helping Sarah out of the canoe!
 Photo credit Tyler Tjomsland. 
Paddling on the Columbia River.
Photo credit Tyler Tjomsland.
An awesome day on the Columbia River! Photo credit Tyler Tjomsland

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A week on the Water! Kettle Falls, Longview, Shelton!

Hello River Friends!  Just writing hear to recap the past few days and invite everyone to some Columbia River and Puget Sound canoeing opportunities.

"A Day on the River at Kettle Falls" May 7th, 2011-  This was a great day for everyone involved.  The fundraiser was a total sucess in that many student's will be able to partake in a 3 day canoe journey on the Spokane River for
free!  It was amazing to paddle over the historic Kettle Falls with the lake a historic lows.  Thank you to the 75 people who showed up, went canoeing, ate chili, listened to music, and donated to support our cause and students of the Medicine Wheel Academy!

150 Students on Lake Sacajawea with the St. Rose Parish School- On Monday we had the 7th and 8th grade for two hours.  For each class, an hour was spent observing and documenting the natural world and an hour was spent paddling on Lake Sacajawea, a 3 mile long town center lake.  The focus of the day was to help students start to view the lake as a combination of a natural world and a place for humans to enjoy.  On Tuesday we took out the other 150 students from 1st to 6th grade!  Just providing students the opportunity to experience their community lake in a different way will enhance their appreciation for the natural world.

Northwest Chapter of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Spring Rendezvous  May 13-15 Shelton, WA- The Redezvous will be held at Camp Bishop in Shelton.  Check out the newsletter at: http://www.nwwoodencanoe.org. We will be bring 3 genuine birch bark canoes and 1 30ft voyageur replica fiberglass and wood canoe!  See you on the water!

"A Day on the River at Willow Grove, Longview, WA" May 14th, 2011- This Day on the River will provide community members from Longview and southwest Washington the opportunity to paddle on the lower Columbia River.  We will also shed light on the proposed Millennium Coal Plant which is to be located just 2 miles from Willow Grove.    FREE PADDLING  FREE SNACKS   FREE FUN  FREE ADVENTURE  FREE RIVER

Come out and enjoy the Columbia River!  Come canoeing bring your friends and family!  See you on the River!