About Us

We are a river based environmental education program, facilitating educational trips in 30 foot voyager canoes. Each canoe can hold 10- 12 students, an educator or teacher, and a guide in the back. While allowing for ample lecture and activity time on and off the water, the majority of student learning comes from paddling side by side ones classmates and the teamwork and leadership skills gained from such an expedition.
For everyone involved with Voyages of Rediscovery, Rivers, Canoeing and Environmental Education are what fuel our lives.  We believe that provided education on the Columbia River will foster a new generation of river stewards.  Upon completion of one of our canoe trips we positively know that each student’s life will be touched by the Columbia River.  With rural communities struggling to keep young adults interested in their community and surroundings, we hope that Voyages of Rediscovery will reconnect each participant to their “Backyard River”, the Columbia River.

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The Voyages of Rediscovery team at the maiden voyage of our 25ft. birch bark canoe.