Movies on the River

Designing a HUGE Dugout Canoe from Voyages of Rediscovery on Vimeo.

This is the Inchelium School Canoe. It is a 33'3'' western red cedar which began as a 10,000lb log. It is being transformed by the students of Inchelium into a beautiful canoe for the Upper Columbia River.

Barter Faire as Experienced by Voyages of Rediscovery from Voyages of Rediscovery on Vimeo.

One canoe, Three days, great music, delicious food, and beautiful people! Thank you everyone for all the help!

Harvesting Materials - The Power of the Canoe - Update #5 from Voyages of Rediscovery on Vimeo.

Birch Bark, Cedar and Spruce Root. A simple video depicting a simple process. For more specific info detailing each step of the harvesting process wait for the final "How to Build a Birch Bark Canoe" production.

Update #4 - Traveling with Shishcan-Chiman from Voyages of Rediscovery on Vimeo.

Paddling Shishcan-Chiman, the 24ft. birch bark canoe, on the lake from which it was created is The Power of the Canoe. Thinking about the story behind this canoe from paddling on the tranquil waters of Puget Sound to the mighty Columbia River, this canoe has a story to tell. From paddling with second graders on Sacajawea Lake in Longview, Washington to the Wellpinit Middle School on Turtle Lake on the Spokane Reservation, this canoe has provided powerful paddling experiences for many many people.

To return this canoe to the land from which it was created brings this canoe full circle and also to the beginning of a new story. Birch bark canoes on Lake Temagami. Canoeing has such a rich history in the Temagami area and birch bark canoes started it all.

We would like to give a huge thanks to Conor and Kim Mihell of Sault Ste Marie for helping us portage the canoe over one of the toughest portages we have done, for great company on the water and at camp, and also for being great water people!

Also a huge shout out to Tim "G-Man" McDonnagh, Voyageur Ambassador and director of the Kirk Wipper Voyageur Center. With out your paddling and portaging support we would not be where we are today. Thank you for your stories, help, and wisdom.

Most importantly our thoughts and prayers are with the Trask Family. We still need to get ya'll in the canoe and go paddling!

Please enjoy and share this update with your friends and if you are in the Temagami area, come on by and lets go paddling!

Conor Mihell Website :

Camp Wabun Birch Bark Canoe Restoration from Voyages of Rediscovery on Vimeo.

Never before have we restored a historic Birch Bark Canoe. It is a learning process that we hope to share with the campers of Camp Wabun. The craftsmanship of this canoe is incredible and we are honored to have been asked to restore it.

Marg Lewis of Camp Wabun just sent us this note: "We think this canoe was built in the early 1930's locally or perhaps in Mattawa for the daughter of one of Wabun's founders."

After hanging on the wall for many many years we hope to paddle this canoe on Lake Temagami by the end of the summer. There is still much work do do on the canoe including: sewing huge tears in the bark, replacing broken and missing ribs, re-pitching the entire canoe, and more!

This is the first update of the restoration process, check back soon to experience the process of restoring this beautiful and powerful canoe.

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Update #2 - The Arrival - The Power of the Canoe from Voyages of Rediscovery on Vimeo.

Please enjoy our second update which shows our arrival to Lake Temagami and the beginning of the powerful expedition.

Check out the last 15 seconds for some Shakespearean Birch Bark Canoe building!

For the next couple weeks we will be out collecting materials. If you have any questions or comments post them we will do our best to respond!

Also, please share your relationship with Canoes with us. We are attempting to compile as many stories as we can about canoes for our feature documentary, The Power of the Canoe.

The Power of the Canoe- On the Road- Video Update from Voyages of Rediscovery on Vimeo.

Check out this on the road video update Nick Weinstock (our resident documentarian) just threw together. More updates to come including: Gathering Materials, Preparing Materials, Building the Canoes, and finally paddling the birch bark canoes made from the land with the young people of Bear Island.

We have been having a great trip and it has been amazing to receive so much support and positive feedback. Also of note, once we got into Minnesota and the northern canoe country, where birch and cedar are plentiful we began receiving more and more comments about our canoes. Up in these neck of the woods people know about the Power of the Birch Bark Canoe compared to the Power of the Dugout Canoe in the Pacific Northwest.

We are bringing our birch bark canoes back home to Lake Temagami, where they belong!