Monday, March 7, 2011

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This blog is designed to keep everyone updated on what Voyages of Rediscovery does on a daily to weekly basis.

Voyages of Rediscovery is more than an educational canoeing company.  It is a lifestyle.  We are all committed to the Columbia River.  We dream about it, talk about it non stop, and more than anything we fantasize about the possibilities that the Columbia River can provide for us and the entire Columbia River community.

We at Voyages of Rediscovery are honored to be the only program in Washington State offering educational expeditions in canoe throughout the entire length of the Columbia River.  Although we are not currently operating in Canada, where the river begins and travels for over 400 miles, we do plan on eventually offering expeditions from Source to Sea.

Rivers should be free for anyone to explore, experience, and travel on.  With this in mind we strive to make every effort to offer free to low cost Educational Expeditions throughout the Columbia River.  We are routinely holding "On the River" fundraisers, writing grants, and accepting donations.

If you would like to sponsor a class or even just one student to partake on one of our canoeing expeditions please contact us.  We are proud to offer tax-deductable donations.  In the near future we will be rolling out a donation tier program, which will include benefits like free canoe trips, hand made paddles, canoes, and many other interesting items.

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See you on the River!

On the Upper Columbia river near Kettle Falls, WA (June, 2010) .
With the Havermale Medicine Wheel School, an alternative Native American high school in Spokane, WA.

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