Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sea 2 Source Episode 5: Kettle Falls to Kinbasket Lake

Episode 5: Kettle Falls to Kinbasket Lake
We have paddled across the border and into Canada.  Through three more dams and 300 miles north we make the Big Bend to the south.  A fair wind pushes us across Kinbasket Lake to where we will begin to feel the current.

Sea2Source Episode 5: Kettle Falls to Kinbasket Lake BC from Voyages of Rediscovery on Vimeo.
As our five dugout canoes are returned to the Schools where they were spawned, we are faced with the need for a new Canoe to Take us to the Headwaters of the Columbia in Canada. We model our new canoe on the design of the explorer and trader David Thompson, and build a 22 foot Cedar Plank Canoe, as he did when he was faced with inadequate materials for a Birch Bark Canoe.

We paddle into Canada with Senixt Youth from Inchelium, returning to their Land in the Crying Salmon dugout canoe that they built. After paddling up rapids with the youth and the community, we find ourselves on our own on the Arrow Lakes with another 450 miles of windswept reservoirs and heavy current ahead of us... Canoe Canoe!

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