Saturday, March 31, 2012

Great Article in Canoe & Kayak online! Birchbark Revival by Conor Mihell


Birchbark Revival

Not only are there some great photos from past trips on the Columbia River but Conor really does a great job describing what the Power of the Canoe is all about.

Conor will also be visiting us up on Lake Temagami while we are building the canoes and do a follow up article, which we are very excited about!

So if you have any questions about who John and I are, read the article, check it out and help spread the good word about The Power of the Canoe!

Thank you Canoe & Kayak, your magazine is awesome and we are honored to be on the website!
May the River be with you!

Birch Bark Revival by Conor Mihell

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