Monday, May 7, 2012

On the road again....
Greetings.  So we hit road traveling Northeast to Bear Island, Lake Temagami, Ontario, Canada.  We are loaded to the brim with 500 gallons of vegetable oil, two birch bark canoes, a mobile canoe building shop and enough food for a month.

Check out this on the road video update Nick Weinstock (our resident documentarian) just threw together.  More updates to come including: Gathering Materials, Preparing Materials, Building the Canoes, and finally paddling the birch bark canoes made from the land with the young people of Bear Island.
We have been having a great trip and it has been amazing to receive so much support and positive feedback.  Also of note, once we got into Minnesota and the northern canoe country, where birch and cedar are plentiful we began receiving more and more comments about our canoes.  Up in these neck of the woods people know about the Power of the Birch Bark Canoe compared to the Power of the Dugout
Canoe in the Pacific Northwest.
Our team includes but is not limited to Nick Weinstock (Documentarian and Canoe Builder), Daniel Cassel (Canoe Builder, Chef, and resident ornithologist), John Zinser (Canoe Builder) and Adam Wicks-Arshack (Alarm Clock, Coffee Maker, and sometimes a canoe builder).

We are bringing our birch bark canoes back home to Lake Temagami, where they belong!

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